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Aktive Wrap – colorful pre-wrap


Aktive Wrap is the best head band around.  Also known as under wrap, pre wrap, M-Wrap, foam under wrap, and pre taping, Aktive Wrap is the ultimate foam head band accessory to wear while playing your favorite sport.


Aktive Wrap can be used to hold shin guards and socks in place, and as a protective pre wrap inside your snowboarding boots, hiking boots, ski boots, and other athletic footwear.


Aktive Wrap foam under wrap is versatile enough to hold up your sleeves or even create a custom knee strap. Aktive Wrap is a great pre tape product with many uses for sports of any kind.



Why choose Aktive Wrap?


– Aktive Wrap comes in an awesome array of 12 colors.


– Aktive Wrap is very comfortable; it doesn’t cause headaches.


– Aktive Wrap is preferred by coaches everywhere.


– Aktive Wrap offers FREE shipping within the US.


– Aktive Wrap is fun and easy to use.


– Aktive Wrap is the easy way to wrap and play.



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